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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Hello everyone,
I want to ask a question of the Arab members of the group, and I want their responses only, without any ugly remarks!
Please answer each question separately! If anyone prefers, you can also PM me! : )
We are not going to deny the phenomenon called ‘honor killings’.
I want to understand a few things:
In what way does the murder ‘reclaim’ the family’s honor, when it is known that according to Islam, executions can only be sanctioned by the court, following the appearance of 4 witnesses, and it is completely forbidden by Christianity?
I mean, the murderer is ‘removing’ a soul from the body in which God place it!
Now for another scenario:
Let’s say that there’s a family: parents, one son and three daughters. The daughters have decided to commit suicide – together or separately, it doesn’t matter – but the result is that the three daughters killed themselves. Now, would that be considered a source of shame for the family? And if it is, how do you ‘reclaim’ the honor?
Thank you, all responders!"

– Jerusalemites FB Group

[Selected Comments {divided into threads}. Some of the comments were made by Muslims, some by Jews:]
– "Nothing will ‘bring’ the family’s honor back. And anyway, not every Muslim does what the Holy Book commands, for example, there are people that don’t pray or fast. And that’s true for all religions: there are some that don’t follow their holy books. And there’s nothing in Islamic law that sanctions killing like you described; only if there are witnesses to the penetration, and it is the court’s decision; and that’s tough too, because it’s hard to find witnesses to that. Those that kill, or do inconceivable things, are doing whatever they feel like, but when there are tougher [religious] requirements, they ignore them."

– "There are dozens of different opinions in Islam, and everybody believes they represent the true Islam. Just like among us, every sector within the Israeli community thinks it represents Judaism. The difference is that compared to the fanatics of Judaism and Christianity, Islam’s fanatics, like ISIS, have gone as far as possible, and they’re one example out of many."
– "Excuse me, ISIS doesn’t represent Islam, it is an American creation. Go watch videos of Clinton in which she admits that Al-Qaida and ISIS are creations of the West."

– "1. Honor killings are a social custom, not a religious one.
2. Nothing is equal to the family of a relative (yes, even family honor).
3. That last scenario you described – its connection to family honor is unclear."

– "The amount of [such] murders is minimal compared to the number of Muslims worldwide, but the media always publicizes the bad before the good."
– "But that doesn’t answer the questions…
And anyway, I don’t care about what the media says, I care about reality!
In the villages, at least, any girl that does something that’s forbidden, or even if rumors start circulating that she is ‘unclean’ (even if that’s incorrect), gets murdered because the family’s name is longer clean."
– "No, my brother, you’re exaggerating; your description isn’t exact. I told you, in order to reach this solution – murder – you need 4 witnesses, and that isn’t simple. At the same time, there are a few people that do whatever they want – that’s all. There have been a few murders in the Jewish sector too – in Jerusalem and Petah Tikva – but you can’t say that it is a Jewish tradition."
– "Refael, check the numbers. It’s true that there’re more murders of women in the Arab society in Israel compared to the Jewish society, but the difference isn’t significant. The situation definitely isn’t that ‘any girl that does something that’s forbidden…gets murdered’. I’ve no idea why this difference exists, and there could be a thousand different reasons for it. For example, less enforcement in Arabs villages in things that relate to this issue, or maybe even less complaints are being filed (I don’t know if that’s true, but it sounds like something worth checking) – only then can you talk of a cultural difference. Women get murdered, this is a terrible phenomenon that must be fought, regardless of religion and race."

– "According to Islam, if she’s single, her punishment is a hundred lashes; if she's married, her punishment is death. But no one can judge her without four eye-witnesses.
If there aren’t four witnesses then you can’t judge her unless she confessed, then she can be sentenced to death, and only by an Islamic court."
– "What happens if a man cheats? What would be his punishment?"
– "According to the Quran, the punishment is the same."

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