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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

News Digest: Mahane Yehuda Market Scandal [1]


"After the last post that said parties and restaurants are going to close down in Mahane Yehuda I had an idea!! This Thursday let's all bring our parties to the Haredi neighborhoods! They should join the fun…who's in?!"

– Jerusalemites group

[Selected Comments:]
– "You have to do it in front of the Gur Yeshiva [2] on the end of Agrippas Street [3]."
– "You should be ashamed of the hate that you're creating."
– "I hope you become religious. And soon!"


“To the most honorable administration member, […], greetings.

Concerning: Jaffa Street and Mahane Yehuda Market

You are all aware of the issue growing worse every week, and what goes on at night on Jaffa Street and Mahane Yehuda in very close proximity to the Yeshiva. Recently, this phenomenon has spread to the streets nearest to the Yeshiva, less than 50 metres from its buildings. The festivities, debauchery, and music blasting through loudspeakers have fulfilled the biblical description of Jerusalem as a 'faithful city [that] has become a harlot!'. This deeply wounds our holy Yeshiva.

Sfas Emes Yeshiva functions as a place of prayer for Jerusalem residents, and in the current state of affairs prayers cannot be conducted in peace, particularly on Friday nights. In addition, hundreds of students learn in the Yeshiva and occupy its dormitories. These fine young men who study the Torah relentlessly cannot sleep in peace and holiness…

My dear friends, please do whatever you can to stop this plague, and you will be blessed from the heavens. The sacred rabbis who are buried in the grounds [4] under the Yeshiva will bless you and your children.

Writing in the name of the spiritual staff, your close friend,
In appreciation of all you’ve done for our Yeshiva during the years,
Yitchak Meir Tauman.”

-Letter revealed by B’Hadrei Haredim

—0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] Recently, Haredi MK Litzman proposed closing Mahane Yehuda Market at night. Mahane Yehuda Market, also colloquially known as the 'The Shuk' is popular marketplace in the center of Jerusalem. During the day it is known for its fresh produce, spices, dairy, meat and baked goods. In recent years, 'The Shuk' has emerged a center of Jerusalem nightlife with many bars, restaurants and live music venues. For a previous post on this subject, see: https://goo.gl/QgZvPu
[2] The Sfas Emes Yeshiva is a Gur men's religious seminary in the Mahane Yehuda neighborhood in Jerusalem. It was founded in 1925 by Rabbi Mordechai Alter, the fourth Rebbe of the Gur Hassidic dynasty. Today, hundreds of students across Israel and abroad learn in the yeshiva under the direction of Rabbi Shaul Alter, the son of the seventh Rebbe of Gur.
[3] Mahane Yehuda is bordered by both Agrippas Street and Jaffa street.
[4] Two previous leaders of the Gur Hassidic movement are buried on the grounds of the Sfas Emes Yeshiva.

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