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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“[From an interview with Beitar Jerusalem Football Team’s ex-coach Sharon Meimar] [1]

‘From the moment you sign with Beitar, you know that your time there is ticking… Every little thing at Beitar is a huge deal. There is no patience, everybody is adding to the pressure-cooker environment in this job: the audience, the media, even the country as a whole [2]. Everything about Israeli football is stressful and demanding, but Beitar Jerusalem is even more intense. There is no second guessing – this is the football team of the country… Beitar Jerusalem isn't just a regular football club, it's a national asset.’”

– Mynet Jerusalem

0202 Editor’s notes:
[1] Beitar Jerusalem Football Club is Jerusalem's largest professional football (soccer) club and plays in the Israeli Premiere League. Sharon Meimar was fired in a dramatic turn of events last summer, before the start of the fall season after a successful season with Beitar Jerusalem. His leave is reportedly due to professional conflicts with the football club's owner and has left Beitar's fanbase deeply upset – hence the continued interest in the story.
[2] Beitar has become a symbol of Israeli football culture and the Zionist movement, having been supported during its history by diverse Israeli politicians and having established itself as one of the major sports teams in Israel. The club is also infamous for its vocal supporters, who make up the controversial nationalist La Familia group, who are known for their anti-Arab chants and racially-motivated aggression towards Arabs. The club has been penalized several times for the behavior of its fans.

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