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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"# Humane Child

Ibrahim Salem is in second grade.

Ibrahim noticed that two fourth graders from his school never bought anything at the [local] kiosk and that they never had what to eat during the break [at school]. He knew that they were from a poor family and decided to share his allowance with them. He continued this for more than two and a half months until the principal found out. The principal called the child to his office in order to thank him and encourage his behavior.

When the principal asked him who told him to do this, he replied: 'I saw that they were not buying from the kiosk and were standing away from the other students. So I thought to myself that it's not right for me to buy and they can't. So I decided to share my allowance with them.'

Praises to the parents of Ibrahim, the humane son."

-Anata News

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