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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

News Digest: Belz Hassidic Wedding


"No less than 72 minutes-non stop!

The Belz Rebbe [1] and thousands of Hasidim danced to the song 'Ki Anu Amecha V’Ata Elokeinu' [2] as the wedding of his grandson reached its climax. The Rebbe composed the new melody from the words of the Yom Kippur prayer. The excitement of the Hasidim rose to the heavens, and the melody did not stop for a moment.
It was electrifying.
Mazal Tov!"

– Aryeh Erlich


“The wedding of a Hassidic Admor’s [3] grandson will take place this evening (Tuesday 29 May).

To this end, main streets in Jerusalem will be blocked from 10:00 am.

The question arises as to why police officers must block the main streets of the capital, including changes to public transport routes in the city for the wedding of a private person. Just as a reminder, when Bar Refaeli [4] wanted to close Israeli airspace for her wedding, the media was gushing about this issue.

Why is the media not covering this event, which is much more serious and harms the quality of life of an entire sector of the population (as opposed to the hovercraft that hovered over Rafaeli’s wedding)????”

– Sivan Kadden

[Selected Comments:]
– "Welcome to the Halachic State. 'Religiousization' [of the State] at its peak! Outrageous and upsetting. [5]"
– "From my point of view, they can close off the roads in Jerusalem for good…"

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Belz is a Hassidic dynasty that was founded in Western Ukraine in the early 1800s. Most Belz Hassidim (adherents) were killed in the Holocaust threatening the future of the movement. Rebbe Aharon Rokeach, the leader of the Belz Hassidut at the time, survived the Holocaust and re-established the movement in Israel. Today, the Belz movement has grown to over 7,000 families and is one of the largest Hasidic groups in Israel.
[2] Literally, 'we are your people and Your are our God'. This hymn is traditionally included in the High Holy Days liturgy.
[3] "Admor" is an acronym for "Adonainu, Morainu, VeRabbeinu," a phrase meaning "Our Master, Our Teacher, and Our Rabbi." This is an honorific title given to scholarly leaders of Hassidic Jewish communities. Because of their religious stature in Hassidic life, when a family member is married, it is an event for the whole community and wider Haredi circles, often involving thousands of guests.
[4] Bar Refaeli is a celebrated Israeli supermodel.
[5] Halacha is the Jewish legal code. In Israel, there is no formal separation of religion and State, much to the aggravation of many who campaign for such a separation to exist. In recent years a new term has been coined in Hebrew, 'hadata', translating roughly to 'religiousization', referring to the accusation that the Jewish religion and religious organizations are encroaching on previously secular aspects of day-to-day life in Israel.

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