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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

News Digest: Police shooting Sunday night 27 May


"Arab woman shot and injured in the leg after refusing to stop at the request of border police.
On Sunday evening the suspect walked from Beit Hanina [1] in East Jerusalem to Yekutiel Adam Street in Pisgat Ze'ev [2], Jerusalem. A border police patrol asked her to stop. She did not respond to their calls even after they fired shots in the air, after which she was shot in the leg and neutralized.
At first it was suspected that she was carrying an explosive device on her body, but at this stage it seems that this suspicion was unfounded. The suspect was evacuated in moderate condition to Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem. A police bomb squad found that the suspect did not carry any kind of weapon whatsoever."

– BeHadrei Haredim


"What happened at the entrance to Pisgat Ze'ev? There's a ton of cops."

– Pisgat Ze'ev Facebook Group

[Selected Comments:]

– "Setting: The Jerusalem Light Rail
Procedure for apprehending a suspect: A suspicious person coming from Beit Hanina began walking to Yekutiel Adam. The suspect was dressed only in black, when border police asked her to stop and she did not respond.
The guards fired into the air. Then the police shot at her legs and she is now neutralized. Upon inspection, the border guards discovered she was armed."
– "She wasn't armed, you're mistaken. It seems that the case is closed."


“Breaking News: Early reports of an alleged stabbing in Jerusalem (Beit Hanina).”

– Mukaber Net

“The Light Rail guards shoot a Jerusalemite [Palestinian] girl for the mere fact that she refused to stop [walking]; the girl has been severely injured.”

– Mukaber Net

“Occupation forces refuse to let paramedics administer first aid to the [Palestinian] girl that has just been shot.”

– Mukaber Net

“Video: the moment when the [Palestinian] girl was shot in north Jerusalem [Beit Hanina].”

– Al-Quds Media Center

“Important Notice: Following a security incident on the light rail tracks in the Yekuitel Adam area, the rail is only operating between Herzl and Givaat Hamiftar stations. There is currently no service between Givaat Hamiftar and Hel Haavir stations. Stay tuned for updates.”

– City Pass Arabic FB page

“Occupation forces arrested the [Palestinian] girl who was shot in occupied Jerusalem. The girl was shot in her lower limbs and was transferred to the hospital in serious condition.”

– Nawras News Twitter Feed

“After opening fire on a girl in the village of Shuafat [3], north of occupied Jerusalem, Occupation forces stated that the injured [Palestinian] girl was unarmed.”

– Nawras News Twitter Feed

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1]Beit Hanina is an Arab neighbourhood in East Jerusalem on the road towards Ramallah. It is one of the neighbourhoods that Israeli forces conquered during the 1967 war. The neighbourhood is divided by the separation barrier, leaving a part of Beit Hanina’s ‘old village’ outside of Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries.
[2] Pisgat Ze’ev is a neighbourhood on the eastern side of the 1948 Armistice Border with a mix of religious and secular Jews and a small minority of Palestinian Arabs. Pisgat Ze'ev is located east of Beit Hanina.
[3] Shuafat is an Arab neighbourhood in East Jerusalem located on the old Jerusalem-Ramallah road. It is one of the neighbourhoods that Israeli forces conquered during the 1967 war and is included in Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries.

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