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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


News digest of youth in the Old City on Ramadan:

"The youth of the Old City spray water [to cool off] the worshippers who just finished the Friday Prayer."
-Mukaber Net

[Picture shows graffiti on a pillar in Al-Aqsa complex]

"Fida, Reem, Fahima, Sawsan and Zina…
May God break your hands and make you unable to wed and so no one would even glance your way
Like, do we have to clean this filth every year?
The next time, whoever is caught doing this will pay
What an insolent world, may God help us."
-Anata News – Jerusalem
"In the name of Allah, the Merciful,

Cleanliness is part of faith and filthiness is from the devil [1]

Yesterday, the young people from the Issawiya started a campaign to clean the Damascus Gate, including buying brooms and garbage bags. Several young people who were sitting at the Damascus Gate at the time joined them, but unfortunately they were a minority among all the people who were there.

Therefore, we would like to convey the following message to who sits at the Damascus Gate: Dear brother, I do not oppose you sitting and having fun at the Damascus Gate, and it is important that you are Morabiton [1] of Jerusalem, but keep the place where you are sitting clean. It's ours and not anybody else's, so we're the ones who need to keep it.

It is enough if you treat the place where you are sitting like your house. In your home you throw junk everywhere? I do not think that there are people in the house who forbid you to behave like that, but in Jerusalem, your morals stop you. If you have morality, it is clear that it will stop you from throwing garbage everywhere, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

There are young people who guard and want to preserve it, especially in Damascus Gate, but there are young people who are the complete opposite and do not care at all. They just want to sit and do what's good for them, and throw garbage everywhere. To them we want to say: Jerusalem does not belong to you. If you want to behave like this, go to Jaffa Street and throw whatever you like and do whatever you want. But in Jerusalem, and especially at the Damascus Gate, we will not allow you to behave like that, because it is ours and we want to preserve it, and we do not want them to look like your dirty house. We love it clean and full of people, day and night, without interference and without being seen as a garbage dump. So, thank you brother, we do not want you to help us clean up, but from the start, do not throw your garbage where you are sitting. Thank you very much.

We hope that the people will understand the importance of this matter and that every day young people will come to clean up, especially in Ramadan, because after Ramadan we will no longer see all these people in Jerusalem and all that garbage here …
I wish they would be ashamed and stop throwing garbage on the floor. There is more than one garbage bin in the place and still all the bins were empty! Because young people do not want to bother themselves to get up and throw the glass or the box in the bin where it should be, but no, they have to throw it under them where they are sitting, excuse me, like animals.

In conclusion, we would like to thank every young person who takes care of Jerusalem's cleanliness and how it looks. Thank you all, hope everyone will accept this suggestion and take it seriously. May you be healthy."

– Facebook Group 'Ask Jerusalem'

0202 Editor's Note:
Morabiton (singular: 'morabit') is a term for a Muslim warrior who is in a state of 'rebat', a sort of mental preparation for the protection of Muslim sanctities. Today it is customary to call Muslims who pray in the Al-Aqsa/Temple Mount and thus "oppose" the Israeli and Jewish presence there.

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