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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“The Office of Social Equality presents: Haredi Families Without Women

The Israeli photo database launched by the Office of Social Equality is supposed to represent all sectors of Israeli society in government publications, and the supervising minister proudly said, 'we have drawn an important ethical boundary.' But, what does the Haredi family look like? Like any other family, except without any women or even a little girl. The Office for Social Equality responsed: ‘This is a pilot.’”

– Ynet newspaper

"Where is the Mother of Shabbat?

An Israeli photo database is certainly a welcome idea. But how can an entire team work on a project, whose very goal it is to represent everyone, and show a Shabbat table, a symbol of family unity, without a mother and sisters?
Because they play by the Haredi rules. We don’t."

– Yael Freidson, Journalist, West Jerusalemite Activist

[Select Comments:]
-“Maybe they’re gay, and their children were born in Nepal through a surrogate mother. So there’s no mother in the family, but rather two fathers […]”
-"The mother must be taking the picture."
-“Maybe this is an awareness campaign for same-sex marriage.”

#Equal_Representation #Women_In_Haredi_Society