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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Oh, Kosher (Righteous) Daughter of Israel,

'Our holy Torah commanded us with the Mitzvah (religious commandment) of Tsnius (modesty), and the more you beautify this modesty, the more you will experience the Shekhina’s (Divine Spirit) presence, which is our strongest protection and blessing.'
(From the writings of the Chofetz Chaim [1])

'Every centimeter of strengthening the value of Tsniut is a kilometer in education for the generations.'
(From the sayings of the Chazon Ish [2])

Dear daughter of Israel, the Holy Shekhina has been waiting for 2,000 years and yearns to arrive, please prepare yourself!
Let us throw away all the clothes which lead the masses astray, all clothes which are narrow, tight, and short; all wigs, improper socks, make-up and all loud things, and we’ll stand ready to welcome the Messiah soon!"

0202 Editor’s Notes:
The picture of this poster was taken by 0202 staff in the Haredi neighborhood of Ge'ula. In Haredi society, the Torah commandment of living modestly is implemented in a number of practical ways, including the way that both men and women are meant to dress. The issue is taken extremely seriously.
[1] The Chofetz Chaim, or Rabbi Israel Meir (HaKohen) Kagan was an influential rabbi and ethicist from the 19-20th centuries whose works continue to be widely influential in Jewish life.
[2] The Chazon Ish, or Rabbi Avraham Yeshaya Karelitz, was a Belarusian born Orthodox rabbi from the 19-20th centuries who later became one of the leaders of Haredi Judaism in Israel.

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