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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Hello friends, I want to share with you the shocking phenomenon that I just saw! I returned from a visit to Mount Tamir, and what I saw shook my soul! All the doors of the metal compartments meant for candles had been brutally torn off. There are tombstones from which they even managed to completely rip away the entire metal frame! Has anyone else encountered this ugly phenomenon?? Dear Jerusalem Municipality, and Mayor Nir Barkat – this is for your urgent attention!"

– 'Jerusalemites' FB page

[Selected Comments:]
– “I'm sure in the Christian and Muslim cemeteries, they do not corrupt and loot like the Jews. They give respect, and we the ‘chosen people’ have among us those who behave in a shameful way.”
– “What happened with the Jerusalemites who are fighting for a plot of land at a time of sorrow and are forced to deal with an exorbitant price due to the demand of wealthy Jews from around the world who want to be buried in Jerusalem?!
The Haredim are buried in the ground and we 'third-class' Jews are buried in buildings that were built for us like a beehive in an artificial structure that reaches about 4-5 meters in height. [1]
How exactly are we supposed to pray in this mass grave?"

0202 Editor's Note:
[1] As burial space in and around Jerusalem (and throughout Israel) is scarce, in recent years the burial authorities have begun to bury the dead in 'elevated cemetaries' – in which bodies are 'stacked' in graves one on top of another.