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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Dear members of the organization, in the last few days since the disappointment at the national cup finals, we learned that there was an unprofessional intervention in the team's final game, which in effect reduced the chances of the team winning the cup final. [1]
This is an unprecedented act in the history of Beitar Jerusalem and certainly in soccer. Such harm is crossing a red line that any fan from all over the spectrum cannot agree to. And we say enough! Our organization has set itself the goal of seeing only the best interests of the group. With our feet, we will vote and from now on we will boycott the home games of the group and we will not bring members until this dangerous behavior stops. We will not conduct violent protests, we will not harm the group under racist slogans, [2] we will not hurt the actors, and we will not go out to demonstrate under the homes of private individuals. We hereby announce that we have joined all the initiatives to boycott the home games and announce that the subscribers for the next season will not be renewed.”

– Lion’s Gate, Beitar Jerusalem’s Fan Club

0202 Editor’s notes:
[1]The Israel State Cup final was held on Wednesday 9 May at Jerusalem's Teddy Stadium. Beitar Jerusalem lost to Hapoel Haifa.
Beitar’s fanbase has expressed great anger towards the new coach Eli Tabib. Beitar Jerusalem's former coach, Sharon Meimar was fired in a dramatic turn of events before the start of the fall season, after a successful season with Beitar Jerusalem. His leave is reportedly due to professional conflicts with the football club's owner, and has left Beitar's fanbase deeply upset.
[2] Beitar has become a symbol of Israeli football culture and the Zionist movement, having been supported during its history by diverse Israeli politicians and having established itself as one of the major sports teams in Israel. The club is also infamous for its vocal supporters, who make up the controversial nationalist La Familia group, who are known for their anti-Arab chants and racially-motivated aggression towards Arabs. The club has been penalized several times for the behavior of its fans.

In the picture: "Message from the Organization" superimposed on the Beitar Jerusalem logo.

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