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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Jerusalem Rabbinical Court [1] Discusses Serial Divorcee’s Plea

A twice-divorced woman asked the Rabbinical Court to cancel her first marriage and divorce, which were done “accidentally”, explaining that this will make it easier to marry for the third time. According to her, she was not aware of her first husband’s poor mental state prior to her marriage. The woman claims she was cheated and lied to, which makes her marriage a mistake, according to Jewish law [2]. She explained the strange request to the Dayyanim (Judges), saying she feared not being wanted because of her history. The court ruled against the plea, as it was revealed that the woman was aware of her first husband’s illness before their marriage, and in addition, divorces can’t be cancelled either way, according to Jewish law. The court ruling mentioned that there is no Halakhic problem with marrying a woman who has been divorced more than once."

– Actualic

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] Rabbinical Courts are an intergrated part of the Israeli judicial system, and judge according to Torah law. By law, Rabbinical Courts are given exclusive ruling for marriage and divorce of Jews.
[2] Mistaken Marriage – a Halakhic term for marriages that were a mistake, meaning if one of the spouses didn’t know a detail about their partner which would have made them cancel the wedding, the wedding can be retroactively cancelled by the Rabbinical court.

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