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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Festival to Confirm the Arab Identity of Al-Quds Jerusalem

The Directors of the Abnaa Al-Quds Club [1], the Sports Committee, and the Activities Director met and arranged to organize a number of social activities and sports activities in response to the Israeli Jerusalem Unification Day, in order to increase the activity in Jerusalem and within the Old City and to confirm the Arab identity of the city.

The most prominent activity organized by the Abnaa Al-Quds Club will be held on Friday when the largest inflatable games festival will be held with the participation of the Al-Bahaa youth group. There will be more than 25 inflatable stations, activities, and contests in the area of the Abnaa Al-Quds club, which is over 5 hectares.

In addition, the 19th Azhar Al-Quds competition will be held under the Nakba [title] and the Amir Al-Quds Feisal Al-Husseini competition. In addition, three days of study will be held on the subject of Palestinian identity and Israelization with the participation of the Ghariha youth group."

– Al Quds
0202 Editor's Note:
[1] Abnaa Al-Quds Club means the sons of Jerusalem. The club seeks to create a "space that allows each age group to participate in any activity it wishes to create, and to make it a free zone for residents, due to the lack of spaces in Jerusalem suitable for activities." – from the Facebook page of the club.

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