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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Have you learned all the lyrics to the song Toy already? Now, it’s time to move on to Arabic!
Madrase presents a special version of the Israeli song from the Eurovision! Watch, memorize and tell the world! And good luck to Netta Barzilai!"

[In the video, the song "Toy," that will be performed on Saturday night by Israel's representative Netta Barzilai at the Eurovision Song Contest has been translated into Palestinian Arabic with slight differences. An excerpt:]

“Look at me, I'm a beautiful creature
I don't care about everyone and the birds
Welcome boys, too much noise, I will teach ya
Hey, I think you forgot how to play
My teddy bear's running away
The Barbie got something to say, hey, hey, hey
Hey! My Sa’id says leave me alone
I'm taking my Pikachu home
You're stupid just like your smartphone

– Madrase, a School for Palestinian Arabic

[Selected Comments:]
– "Fabulous! I'm in love! And it looks like I'm not the only one – 500 views in 45 minutes! Competition for Netta…
– "There's no doubt that your creativity makes Palestinian Arabic very accessible!"
– "I've already voted. This is first place."
– "Perfect! The song and the performer!

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