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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“So what are you doing today? We will tell you what you definitely *not* doing – you are not participating in the conference of Religious Zionist Rabbis [1], because you are a woman. [2]

Religious feminism began in Jerusalem, (here we have more cooperative and equal synagogues than in the whole country together, just saying), and this is one of the most exciting and wonderful movements in modern Judaism.

So when we heard about the ‘Eye to Eye’ conference, which is a conference of Religious Zionist Rabbis on the theme of the unity of Israel, we were upset that there is no single female Rabbi or Talmudic scholar participating in the conference. Moreover, women are not allowed to attend the conference, even in a closed women's section.

We could just stay annoyed and alone in a dark corner, however, the Jerusalem Municipality finances this conference with thousands of shekels! By the way, this is not entirely legal, because the municipalities are forbidden to exclude women. But the city has been ignoring this law for a long time, despite our repeated protests.

So what are you doing now? You join the struggle. The municipality will not be able to ignore the mass of angry women. We demand that there be clear municipal regulations regarding the financing of conferences and events, with an emphasis on gender equality."

– Yerushalmim

0202 Editor’s note:
[1] Religious Zionism is an ideology that combines Orthodox Judaism and Zionism, believing that the State of Israel has religious significance to the Jewish people.
[2] The Eye to Eye conference will unite all Religious Zionist rabbis of all denominations, “saluting the seventy years of the state and fifty years to Jerusalem”. The conference, will discuss the development of the State, the world of the Zionist Torah, and "the challenges and objectives of Religious Zionist rabbis."

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