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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"I don’t usually post things…
I think I’m going to stop paying property tax…The municipality taxes me 2600 shekels property tax every month. They don’t clean, and they don’t want to fix the road – shameful!
I called the municipality hotline and asked them to clean the street, but they told me that the street does not belong to the municipality, rather the Israel Land Administration [1].
So I asked them, 'why do I pay property tax?'
They didn’t know what to say.
Jerusalem Municipality, you’re shameful!"

– Jerusalemite FB group

[Selected Comments:]
– "Mr Nir [Barkat] [3] is keeping your – and everyone’s – money for the next marathon or formula event that occur on a bi-weekly basis. [3]"
– "This isn’t news to anyone. People pay thousands of shekels in property tax but all the roads in the city are in terrible condition. Worthless municipality."
– "If it doesn’t belong to the municipality, you can set up a trailer and live there. When an inspector comes to write you a ticket, tell him what you were told when you called the hotline."
– "Allow me to add to your post and say that there’s no one turn to! The situation on our street is terrible and we’re considered fixing the road ourselves."

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Israel Land Administration is a governmental authority responsible for lands that are in the public domain.
[2] Nir Barkat is the two-term mayor of Jerusalem and has been in office since 2008. Formerly working in the high-tech industry, since the beginning of his political career in 2003 when he founded the local party Yerushalayim Tatzliach (lit. Jerusalem Will Succeed) he has had political backing from varying political parties in Israel across the political spectrum. He is currently a member of the Likud, a party on the center-right of the Israeli political spectrum.
[3] Many Jerusalem residents are frustrated by the number of large international events that cause road closures and traffic jams in the city.

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