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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Fighting for the Students' Votes: A New Campaign Will Assist Young City Residents in the [upcoming] Elections.

Gilad Levi, a student at the Hebrew University, has decided to convince his fellow students to register their residential address as Jerusalem, in order to allow the student voice to be heard in the upcoming municipality elections [1]. The deadline: May 30th. He is also planning a party for all the students who present a Jerusalem address.
Levi’s initiative called ‘Students Elect Jerusalem’ aims to encourage students to [change their address on their ID card to a Jerusalem address]. ‘The goal is to convince as many people as possible to transfer their address by May 30th so that they’ll be able to vote in the municipal elections’, he explained. ‘In comparison to the last elections, now it is possible to transfer your residency address online. On the ‘Students Elect Jerusalem’s Facebook page there’s a link, or can also simply go to the Population and Immigration Authority's website and fill out a form to change your address. We expect much larger numbers.’
Levi emphasizes that he doesn’t have a [specific] political message, and that he doesn’t intend to influence people’s votes. ‘I don’t tell people who to vote for. I haven’t been here long enough for that. It’s important to me that people go and vote on election day.’”

– myNet Jerusalem

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Jerusalem has a large student population. Many of Jerusalem's students are not eligible to vote in Jerusalem's municipal elections because they remain registered as residents of their original municipality.

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