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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


News Digest: Donkey gets detained

“Occupation forces confiscate a donkey during their raids in the town of Silwan in Jerusalem a short while ago.”

– Quds News Network

[Selected Comments:]

– “The police took the donkey after receiving a complaint from town residents that some children had been abusing and beating the animal — that’s the whole story.”
– “If the Zionists really needed some donkeys they should go to the Muqataa [Palestinian Headquarters] in Ramallah.”

“Occupation forces are widely dispersed in the streets of the town of Silwan [in Jerusalem]; the forces have broken into commercial properties, confiscated merchandise from the stores, confiscated vehicles and erased graffiti .”

– Wadi Hilweh Information Center-Silwan

"May arrest never dampen your spirit. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
Occupation forces arrest a donkey in the town of Silwan [in Jerusalem].”

– Sur Baher page

[Selected Comment:]

– “Even the donkey could not escape them [Israeli forces]. 😂😂 "

“The Court released the donkey and handed down a fine.

Prosecutors have appealed against the release [of the animal] and ask for it to be detained for an additional 48 hours.
It is noted that the donkey was detained in Jerusalem after being spotted by police and the Occupation army. According to eyewitnesses, soldiers felt agitated after the donkey got too close and tried to kick them and therefore detained the animal.”

– Hon News Network

[Selected Comment:]

– “What a joke of an army.”

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