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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Jerusalem District Court Judge Ram Winograd convicted 25 associations and nine members of the Haredi ‘Matmidim’ community [1] today, for fraudulently cheating the State out of tens of millions of shekels.

The defendants were convicted of fraud and forgery in aggravating circumstances, the use of hundreds of forged documents and identity cards, as well as money laundering offences to the amount of NIS 1 million. Two defendants were convicted for disrupting court proceedings, harassing witnesses and violating legal order.

In a court decision today, the court ruled that the defendants had defrauded the state and its institutions, and fraudulently received support funds in the amount of NIS 24 million. […]”

– Mynet Jerusalem

0202 Editor’s note:
[1] Hamatmidim is a well-established and large Yeshiva [Jewish learning center] in Jerusalem. In the past, the Yeshiva was involved in fraud scandals. Police previously arrested a number of managers on the suspicion that they were part of a scam that produced fraudulent identity cards to forge the number of students studying in their institutions. A Yeshiva recognized by the Education Ministry receives financial support on a per capita basis. Inspectors regularly conduct surprise visits to these institutions to ensure that those enrolled are indeed real and present.

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