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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


News Digest: potential closure of the 'First Station' commercial complex [1]:

“Jerusalem does not belong to the Haredim.
Nor to the secular Jews. Nor the Ashkenazim. Nor the Mizrahim. Nor to the Right. Nor to the Left.

It belongs to all of us, to all who live in it. And it is forbidden, simply forbidden – for us to interfere with each other’s right to live here in peace – that one sector will come at the expense of the other.

Following pressure from the Haredi factions, on May 16th, Nir Barkat will raise the issue before the city council for discussion – whether to close the First Station on Shabbat.

The First Station complex is one of Jerusalem's most beautiful entertainment venues, and on Saturdays, it is a center of culture, activities, and events for the general public. The complex operates far from the Haredi neighborhoods, and there is no reason to close it, except if the idea is to harass the pluralist sector and to get 'political handshakes'.

On May 16th we will vote against closing the First Station and we need you with us. We promise to do everything possible to keep Jerusalem tolerant and pluralistic."

– Yerushalmim [2]
סיעת ירושלמים

"Let’s Save the First Station!

Nir Barkat is closing the Station.
After five years in which we've managed to keep the compound open on Shabbat, the Haredi threat is intensifying and Barkat is surrendering to them.

On May 16th, a proposal will be presented to the city council when it convenes in its capacity as the municipal planning committee, to close the First Station on Shabbat – we must not allow this vote to pass!!

Tomorrow, Saturday night at 6:00pm, we will gather at the Fist Station complex for the first protest activity.
We must win this battle!
Jerusalem must be saved from submission to Haredi coercion."

– Yosi Havilio

[Selected Comments]:

“Anyone who responds here against the Haredim does not realize that the real problem is the secular [Jews], especially the secular politicians such as Barkat who play into their hands.
The Haredim do what they know how to do best – advancing their own interests. This is regrettable but apparently natural. But the secular people who give in to them are distorted. Politicians who promote their interests, and just plain secularists who can not cope with all kinds of guilt-trips.”

“[Yossi,] You have a lot of rights in this city and this struggle is also important, but those who really see the good of the city do not split the vote of the secular and national religious communities in the city. Pick up the phone to Ofer Berkowitz and the Hit'orerut Movement [3] and prove that you hold the city's interests above your personal interests. [4]”
0202 Editors note:
[1] The First Station (HaTachana HaRishona), located in South Jerusalemת is a commercial center built on the site of the Ottoman-built train station. It comprises mainly of trendy restaurants and cafes, and is a venue for entertainment and events of all types. It attracts many locals and tourists, many of which are held on Saturdays – much to the ire of the Haredi community.
[2] Yerushalmim ("Jerusalemites") is a local civilian organization and political party in Jerusalem. The organization’s (self-described) objectives are to turn Jerusalem into a more pluralistic and open city. Its main target is to improve the life quality of the residents, together with battling radicalization and inequity in the public sphere.
[3] 'Hit'orerut', headed by Ofer Berkovitch, is a local, non-religious political party representing Jerusalem's younger residents and secular Jews. They resigned from the coalition in November over disagreements with the Mayor.
[4] Many are worried that the number of secular candidates competing in the upcoming mayoral elections in October will effectively split the 'pluralist' (non-Haredi) vote, allowing for a Haredi candidate to win.

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התחנה הראשונה ירושלים – The First Station Jerusalem