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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"We are guarding the First Station!

In the last few days, Haredi politicians in the City Council have once again started trying to close the First Station, a crucial anchor for the community which has events open to the public. This year alone we have had a costume party for Purim, an evening in mourning of Haim Guri, a lecture with Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein, and an academic fair at the beginning of the year. The First Station has become a city square. Some of the restaurants are kosher and some are open on Shabbat. There's room for everyone who'd like to see a diverse Jerusalem.

On May 16, a proposal will be submitted to the City Council to close the First Station – anyone who cares about Jerusalem, anyone who believes in a shared community in our city, must vote with us to keep the station open.

In this battle for our Jerusalem, everyone's a partner – anyone who wants to see a Jerusalem that offers a space to all people who live within it, who want to live together in our holy city.

In the last decade, Hitorerut [1] has fought the status quo in Jerusalem the capital of Israel. We have fought everywhere to preserve the anchors of the Zionist public in this city. We will keep fighting together. In committees, in the municipality, in the field, religious and secular. Shoulder to shoulder. With everyone involved in this fight.

Because if Jerusalem is not for everybody. Jerusalem will not be.

Shabbat Shalom, and see you at the station."

– Hitorerut

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Hitorerut (lit. Awakening) is a party in Jerusalem municipal politics based off of principles of pluralism and ensuring residents stay in the city. The party largely represents young and secular residents.

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