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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Digest About Upcoming Racing Events in Jerusalem:

"As we approach the bicycle race that will be held on Friday, I suggest we hear the opinions of Jerusalemites on the subject."

[In the photo:] "Freedom of movement or bicycle race?"

– Tomer HaCohen, West Jerusalemite

[Selected Comments:]
– [Response of Jerusalem Municipality:] "Hello Tomer,
We are proud to take part in hosting international sporting events in Jerusalem, as in other major cities in the world such as New York or Berlin.
The GFNY International Road Bicycle Race is one of the largest and most prestigious international cycling marathons in the world.
The Jerusalem-encircling Yes Planet Race will take place for the sixth time in a row with great success, and it has become a popular tradition for the city's residents. The Giro de Italia 2018 event is one of the largest and leading races in the world, hosting 22 delegations and the world's leading cyclists. It will be broadcasted to more than 100 countries around the world live.
The Yes Planet event was planned for last week, in conjuction with the GFNY Race, but was postponed to Friday because of weather conditions that were a safety hazard for the thousands of participating children and adults.
We do our best to ensure a spectacular sporting experience at an international level, while at the same time, minimizing, as much as possible, any disruption to the city’s residents’, businesses’ and visitors’ daily routine.
Everyone is invited to come, cheer, and enjoy the event."
– [Original Poster's answer:] "Minimizing the damage to the residents’ daily routine includes, among other things, spreading those terrible barriers the night before the event (those that block half of the already-narrow sidewalks). There is also no reason for the public toilets – that block the sidewalk – to be there three days in advance.
Minimizing the damage is, among other things, spreading the events throughout the year, because we, the residents of the city center, suffer because of the traffic jams caused by protests against the draft, the city entrance renovation project, the Winner Race, the bike race, another bike race and Purim events. Whenever events like these occur, we are hostages in our own homes. We have to change our plans, and we lose work and school days. Each event by itself is okay, but the exorbitant amount of events is suffocating. Who will come to cheer for the residents?"
-"They should go ride in the park. What’s the deal? Why is it necessary to block traffic in half of Jerusalem? We don’t want ‘experiences’ or anything spectacular. We want a quiet routine. If you at least had made the effort to create proper cycling routes in the city…assholes."

"I think that all the money spent on bicycle races should be given to families in need. How do all these races help us?"

– Jerusalemites FB group

[Selected Comments:]
– "So let’s cancel everything. What about soccer and basketball matches? Why ignore other sport branches? You can’t stop the world going round! There will always be poor families, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on living. The situation is hard for you? Open your wallet, raise money, start an aid organization."
– "It brings in a lot more money than is spent. Once a year, they hold an event like this in Jerusalem and everyone goes crazy; Calm down."
– "You’re 100% correct. Apart from blocked roads and traffic jams, it doesn’t do anything for us."

0202 Editor's Notes:
The international Giro D'Italia bicycle race will start in Jerusalem today, Friday, May 4th. The city center will be inaccessible by car. Another cycling event will be held next Friday. There has been much debate in the city surrounding these events and the disruption they cause.

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