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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"On Thursday, May 31st, we will meet for the biggest protest of thundering silence ever to be held in Jerusalem!

We will stand in protest, with our mouths shut tight, to send a clear and uncompromising demand for total liberation! Through the powerful silence, we will give sound to animals' voices, in order to tell the public the story of the most tortured, abused and slaughtered creatures on earth. Together, we will show the public that it is time for a moral, health, ecological and kosher change! It is time to progress to veganism.

We will meet […] and together march in a huge line of empathy.
Join, share and invite friends.
Until the last of the cages and total liberation."

– Total Liberation, Animal Rights Organization

[Selected Comments:]
– "Wow, looks incredible! I’ll be there!"
– "So what do you do at an activity of thundering silence? You keep silent. You don’t talk. You hold a sign with a clear message in front of places in which there’s a celebration at the expense of cruelty – and keep quiet. You don’t answer those that bait you, those that shout – you don’t debate. You open your mind and your heart."

#Activism #Animal_Rights