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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Why do I need to hear some Ishmaelite at 4:30 in the morning yelling outside of my window 'ALLAHU AKBAR'? [1] Maybe I'll take a speaker and yell out 'SHMAH YISRAEL! [2] I'm sick of it!"

– Jerusalemites Group on Facebook

[Selected Comments:]
– "Go for it!"
– "Be careful, you'll wake up the Supreme Court."
– "Go complain to the Knesset. There they are letting them do whatever they want."
– "I'm headed to Beit Safafa [3] now with Beitar [4] cheers and we'll see what dog opens his mouth."
– "I too have troubles in my neighborhood, unrelated to Arabs. Should I share them? The thought hadn't even crossed my mind to post about it in this group. Only when it's something racist and hateful against Arabs do people take the opportunity to start a hateful thread on here."
– "[…] By the way, this doesn't happen in any Muslim country. It's illegal. Only in Israel do they do this. […] I too was woken up by their 'Allahu Akbar' and it was so loud that I almost thought it was coming from inside my room. […]"
– "What I don't understand is how they themselves cope with the noise. Why is it SO loud? God hears even when one [prays] from the heart without saying any words! […] What did they do two hundred years ago before there were loudspeakers?"
– "That's how it is when living side-by-side as neighbors.
That's what makes Jerusalem so interesting. There are a variety of prayers, cultures, holidays, ceremonies, and languages here.
That's what makes my city magical."

0202 Editors' Note:
[1] Allahu Akbar means 'God is Great' in Arabic.
[2] Shmah Yisrael means, 'Hear, O Israel' in Hebrew.
[3] Beit Safafa is a mixed Jewish-Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem.
[4] Beitar Jerusalem is a major soccer team infamous for its fans known as "La Familia" who often make inflammatory cheers targeted towards Arabs.

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