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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

Digest: First Bicycle Tunnel in Israel Opens in Jerusalem


“This morning I inaugurated the longest cycling tunnel in Israel.
The tunnel will be open to the public this coming Friday [this past Friday, April 27, 2018] at the ‘Gran Fondo New York’ race as part of the city's bike-riding week events, which will conclude at the end of the week with the Giro d'Italia race.

Jerusalem has become the sports capital of Israel, hosting world-leading international sports events that expose its beauty to hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide and strengthens the city's business and tourism. I invite all of you to come to Jerusalem and enjoy a special international week unlike any other in Israel.”

– Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem


“The Judaization of Jerusalem continues… A new tunnel for bicycles was opened in Jerusalem which runs underneath the city.”

– Quds News Network

[Selected comment:]
– “As long as we are cowards and remain silent we are still not worthy of our land, our dignity or our religion. When we finally wake up and feel protective of our religion and honor, only then will our land return to us.”

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