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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Flyer seen in Haredi Neighbourhood:

"I’ve dreamed a dream…
In my dream, Arabs came suddenly, there was horrible shouting, lots of blood and many immodest women. The women had to leave their children and run for shelter. I saw in my dream that there is much anger in the heavens about the short skirts that are being worn nowadays, as well as the modern wigs. I saw women jumping into garbage cans in order to find black garbage bags to cover their legs.
I testify before the heavens and the earth, that in my dream I saw more than what I wrote here. I decided to publicize what I saw after I heard from a few others that they had dreamed identical dreams. Now that I know the Arabs are planning on crossing our borders, I realised I could not waste any time.
I saw that the heavens oppose the immodesty that has afflicted our society, particularly short and tight clothing. I saw clearly that the modest women weren’t being harmed. The dream was very realistic and repeated many times.

There were shouts: 'Run for modesty!' I saw my daughter’s teacher being cut to pieces because she dresses immodestly. I truly did not want to publicize this terrifying vision, but my heart would not allow me to stay silent if I may be able to prevent bloodshed. I hope everything will turn around for the best and that our girls will go against the stream and save Israel.
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