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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Digest about Death Tolls in the Flash Flood in the Arava Desert:

"Ten youths, nine girls and a boy from a pre-military academy, [1] were killed after they were carried off by a surge in the Tzafit stream west of the southern part of the Dead Sea amid intense storms that hit the South of Israel on Thursday. […]"

– Jerusalem Post

" Nine girls killed, and one boy.
Each, an entire world that has been extinguished.
Parents, siblings, family and friends who have a hole in them that cannot be filled.
The community of Jerusalem is sorry for the terrible loss."

– Jerusalemites FB group

[Selected Comments:]
– "A terrible and avoidable tragedy. May their memory be blessed."
– "What where they thinking at the Ministry of Education? With the weather as it is, why take them on a hike? You know that it's going to be stormy. […]"

With great sorrow and deep pain, yesterday we received the news of the passing of nine girls and one boy who tragically perished in the Arava during their hike in Nahal Tzafit.

This coming Saturday (April 28), we will gather to show our solidarity with the heartbreaking calamity that has befallen our peers at 9:00 PM in Zion Square, Jerusalem. In their memory, we will light candles and be together with the pain of bereavement.

You are invited to bring candles, musical instruments, read passages and anything else that will help us express the pain of this difficult event.
Together we will stand in memory of those who perished, and we will grieve for their untimely passing.

We would be happy if groups from all over the region would come to join us: mechinas, shnat sherut [1], national service, gap years, yeshivas, midrashim, youth movements, soldiers and anyone interested in participating

– Hevruta Gap Year Program FB page


"URGENT: Death toll rises to 10 Zionist soldiers and others lost in drowned bus in the floods."

– Jerusalem 24/7

[Selected Comments:]
-"Wow. May God increase them more and bless us."
-"They are students not soldiers."

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Some Israeli youth choose to spend a year before their mandatory service studying and preparing at preparatory academies that offer different programs. The academies are called 'Mechinot', lit. preparatory.
[2] 'Shnat Sherut', lit. year of service – some Israeli youth choose to spend a year before their mandatory service volunteering.