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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

Digest: Heavy Rainstorm in Jerusalem


"Starting tomorrow (Wednesday), the capital will be experiencing three days of chilly, rainy and cloudy weather, that will give us a 'weird' feeling, as defined by the forecaster of ‘Yerushamaim’ website, Boaz Nehemia: There will be an unusual amount of rainfall, but it won’t be cold like the winter [rainstorms] we’re familiar with. It will all be over by Saturday."

– myNet Jerusalem

"Pouring rain in the middle of summer! This is what happens when Netanyahu is prime minister and Nir Barkat is the mayor."

– Jerusalemites FB group

[Selected Comments:]
– "Washes away the filth there is in this country."
– [In response:] "This is what it’s like when you are taught to hate."
– [In response:] "Bibi [Netanyahu] and Nir Barkat are the best people in the country – they’ve brought the rain to clean the filth there is in the country – where's the hate [in what I said]?"

– "First of all, we are definitely not in the middle of summer. Secondly, what have they got to do with it?! This is the work of the world’s Creator. I don’t understand where Netanyahu and Barkat fit into the picture."
– [In response:] "Because they get blamed for everything, so why not blame them for the weather too?"

– "I don’t waste my tears on them. It’s better to stay positive, spend money and let them…"


"Rain hit the southernmost part of Palestine and northern Egypt, affecting the far north of Jordan and Palestine as well as Lebanon.
During the afternoon, rain covered most areas and, God willing, will be heavy in other areas without it.
Praise God, the almighty and all-knowing."

– Al-Quds Weather

"There's a popular Palestinian proverb 'Rains of Nissan [March – April] refresh the man.' This talks about the rain that falls in [the month of] Nissan after spring has begun.

Today [Wednesday], Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine witnessed sudden heavy rain. In light of this weather, we brought you this picture [see in comments below] of Al-Aqsa mosque complex which includes the Dome of The Rock, the Dome of Al-Qabli mosque and other features of the Old City. This is a view from its east wall, Al-Rahma gate and Al-Rahma cemetery.

Do you recognize other features in the picture?
(The picture was taken from the eastern side of the Old City, Jerusalem)

Photo taken by: Mustafa Al-Harouf "

– Streets of Jerusalem

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