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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Long Lines and Inhumane Overcrowding; The Association for Civil Rights in Israel Declares War

The Association for Civil Right in Israel has filed a petition against the Population Bureau demanding that the residents of east Jerusalem receive service at all of the Bureau offices. Other complaints mentioned: There is no option to book an appointment online, and there is a shortage of drinking facilities and seating.

The huge lines at the Population Bureau in east Jerusalem reach the Supreme Court. This week, the ACRI filed a petition […] demanding the Population Bureau allow residents of the eastern part of the city to receive service from any office in the country, and not only from the office located in Wadi Juz neighborhood, as is the current situation. As of 2014, there are 316,000 Arab residents.

In the petition, the association details the many difficulties residents experience as a result of this policy: They are unable to book an appointment online, congestion at the entrances is unreasonable, and because of this, the applicants’ basic access to services like issuing birth certificates, ID cards, and passports is blocked. In addition, those who were not lucky enough to enter the office are forced to wait outside in long, lines under the blazing sun, without the appropriate access to water and seating.

‘The Population and Immigration Bureau’s conduct violates the rights of east Jerusalem residents and is against the law which forbids discrimination in matters relating to products, services, and access to public places. Although the authorities are aware of the erroneous situation, they have yet to suggest any solution that can be realized in the near future,’ the petition reads.

Adv. Yehoshua Shufman, who filed the petition, said in his conversation with myNet Jerusalem: ‘The unbearable situation at the Bureau in east Jerusalem has existed for dozens of years. Everyone is aware of it, but even after past petitions to the Supreme Court, the Population Bureau hasn’t suggested any reasonable and applicable solution. All you have to do is treat everyone equally and allow them to receive service in all offices.’"

– myNet Jerusalem

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