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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Rabbi Yeshayahu Hadari Passed Away

The Rabbi aged 84, was the dean of ‘HaKotel’ Yeshiva [1] for thirty years, and taught thousands of students. Rabbi Yeshayahu Haim Hadari […] passed away this morning (Wednesday) at 'Sha’arei Tzedek’ hospital in Jerusalem.

The 84-year-old Rabbi, a resident of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem, was hospitalized in a critical condition yesterday, after falling in his home and injuring his head.
In September 1967, a short time after the liberation of the Old City, the Rabbi was asked to stand at the head of ‘HaKotel’ Yeshiva, one of the first Hesder Yeshiva institutions [2]. He remained in this position for more than thirty years.
Rabbi Hadari and his wife, Rabbanit Naomi, were amongst the first to renew the Jewish residence within the walls of the Old City after the liberation of Jerusalem – and that is where they lived until this very day."

– Channel 7

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] 'HaKotel' Yeshiva, literally, ‘Yeshiva of the Western Wall', is a Religious Zionist ‘Hesder Yeshiva’ situated in the Old City of Jerusalem. A Yeshiva is a tertiary level Jewish studies institution.
[2] Hesder, literally‬ "arrangement", is an Israeli yeshiva program which combines religious studies with military service in the IDF. These yeshivas allow religious men to fulfil the ideal of participating in the defence of the Israeli people, while still engaging in Torah studies during their formative years.

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