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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“‘Who's in favor of a legal initiative to oust Dr. Abu Sneineh from the military clinic in a legal way [1]?' I posted yesterday in this group.
This simple post generated many likes and comments and private messages from people who told me that they also suffered at his hands. Again, I want to stress that the other doctors [in the same clinic] are excellent.
Here is more proof:
Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment and I went into Abu Sneineh’s office where soldiers came out nervous and crying, one after the other. This is while all the other rooms were completely normal.
Abu Sneineh stated that I was completely healthy and had nothing. This is even when I had brought a form stating that I had just returned from 14 days of sick leave and that I had to see an orthopedist.
On the other hand, this morning I went to another doctor and he told me that I had to avoid any activity for the next 10 days. This doctor even saw on the computer that yesterday I visited another doctor and that Abu Sneineh wrote that I had nothing!

Who's in favor of taking this initiative one step forward???”

– Elad Avraham’s post to ‘Jerusalemites’ Facebook Group

[Selected Comments:]
– “He doesn’t know who is faking [sickness] and who is not. I am definitely in favor of a doctor who knows if a person is really sick or not. However, regardless, I support a soldier being given sick leave so he can spend time at home. I think that as long as the military is mandatory and not ‘professional’ [2], soldiers should be given sick leave whenever. Maybe then we can finally have an army of people who want to be there and not of those that are just trying to fake sick and escape?!”
– “An Arab will [always remain] an Arab” [3]

0202 Editor's notes:
[1] The Israel Defense Forces have an internal military healthcare system. In each major city, there is a military clinic where soldiers can seek medical treatment and/or advice. Military doctors can also grant soldiers sick leave. Among soldiers, there is much discussion surrounding ‘how to fake sickness’ in order to receive days off.
[2] There is much discussion in Israel surrounding the ‘professionalization’ of the Israeli Army. Mandatory conscription to the army has often drawn criticism from various political groups: libertarians see mandatory service as an infringement of personal freedoms; pro-peace activists often cite the 'militarization' of Israeli society as an obstacle to peace; and Haredi groups are opposed to military service for a number of reasons, including lack of modesty in the army lifestyle and a general opposition to the right of the State which many of them do not recognize as legitimate.
[3] Many of the comments implied that the soldier was treated unfairly because the doctor was Arab.

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