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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


News Digest: Injuries in Clashes at Al-Quds University [1]

“A number of Palestinians have been injured in clashes with Israeli Occupation forces on Al-Madares Street and in the perimeter of Al-Quds University in the town of Abu Dis southeast of Occupied Jerusalem.
According to the official news agency reporter, clashes broke out last night [April 22, 2018] between Palestinians and Occupation forces and resumed this morning; a number of Palestinians were shot with live ammunition and rubber bullets, and some cases of tear gas inhalation were reported."

– Al-Quds

“Al-Quds University announces the cancellation of classes after Occupation assaults

Al-Quds University announced the cancellation of classes on Monday [April 23, 2018] in the Abu-Dis Campus southeast of occupied Jerusalem, after the campus was surrounded by Occupation forces and a number of students were assaulted; classes were canceled for student safety and the inability of students to reach the university.

Occupation forces had closed off all roads leading to the university amid renewed clashes this morning. The clashes were centered on Al-Madares Street and the area around the university campus where heavy gun-fire, sound grenades, and tear gas were being used.

The area remains very tense, especially after more soldiers and military vehicles were called in.”

– Palestine T.V.

0202 Editor’s Note:
[1] Al-Quds University is a Palestinian university with campuses in Jerusalem, Abu Dis, and Al-Bireh.

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