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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Israeli plan to create 16 new police stations in Jerusalem to reinforce control over the city:

Israeli news sources reported a plan by the Occupation police to create 16 new police stations in various Palestinians neighborhoods to reinforce control over them.

Sources also confirmed that the Occupation is working on implementing a security plan to establish its presence in the Damascus Gate area, one of the most famous gates of the Old City. This security plan includes building a police and border control base and constructing three security towers in the area; the foundations for two of these towers have already been built and are located on the upper half of the stairway leading to Damascus Gate, an area which connects the gate to Sultan Suleiman Street. The third (taller) tower will be constructed in the upcoming phase of the plan and will replace the temporary iron scaffolding that is currently set up at Damascus Gate and used by Occupation soldiers on a daily basis.

Israeli sources also stated that this a comprehensive security plan which includes changing infrastructural aspects of Damascus Gate such as lighting and traffic patterns, and installing an extra 40 security cameras which enable police to have a multi-view perspective.

This security plan is published following recommendations by Occupation forces after the ‘Lion’s Gate Uprising,’ and the conflict regarding the installation of metal detectors and security cameras in front of the entrance to Al-Aqsa Mosque compound last July [1].”

-Al-Quds Research Center

0202 Editor’s Note: [1] Over the summer, Jerusalem experienced a period of unrest over the Al-Aqsa Mosque, most notably over the placement of metal detectors at the entrance of the mosque compound. Palestinians decried this as a breach of the fragile status quo over who controls the holy sites and staged mass protests at the Lion's Gate, one of the popular gates in the Old City.

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