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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“How did the ‘Street of the Prophets’ in Jerusalem get its name?”

– Aljazeera Jerusalem Page

[Translation of video:]

[Adel Manna, historian:] “The street got its name from the British governor, [Ronald] Storrs in the 1920’s during the British Mandate; so it was only from that time on that it was called ‘The Street of the Prophets.’”

[Jerusalem resident:] “’The Street of the Prophets’ or whatever you want to call it, if you talk to even this rock on the street it will tell you, ‘I am an Arab.’ This rock will tell you, ‘I’m an Arab.’ If you look at a tree, the tree will also tell you, ‘I am an Arab.’”

[Adel Manna, Historian:] “It is said and believed that one of the reasons [for the name] is there were some graves belonging to prophets [in the area]. The most well-known of them was the grave of the Prophet Ukasha [1] who had a mosque named after him not too far from here; that mosque has been neglected since 1948, and it is one of hundreds of other mosques who have also been neglected in Palestine since the Israeli Occupation. These mosques have been abandoned because the residents had to abandon the area, and of course the State of Israel does not preserve holy places that are not Jewish but Muslim in this case.” […]

[Narrator:] “The Street of the Prophets runs north from the Damascus Gate Square in Jerusalem, penetrating the imaginary line between East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem; it ends in Divkah Square which is an important street intersection in West Jerusalem.”

[Raed Saeda, hotel owner on street:] “The dividing area between the east and west part of the Street of the Prophets is probably these buildings on the street. If you notice, these buildings date back to the nineteenth century or early twentieth century… maybe 1900, 1910 or 1920. The eastern part of the street ends at this building facing us, but of course this area had a religious sanctity between 1948 and 1967; then the street was moved, and from the point which we are standing it runs west and turns into the western part of the street.”

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] Ukasha Bin Mohsen was one of the companions of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) who lived in the twelve century. The mosque was built later in the nineteenth century next to his tomb and named after him.

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