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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Notify the public to beware!! Entering the Mea Shearim neighborhood with [Israeli] flags on a vehicle is life-threatening. [1]

Whilst driving, hooligans jumped on my car and broke the flags. Did this happen to anyone else? Why, in my own country, should I be afraid to travel with the Israeli flag?! It is really a shame that there are such extreme groups among us."

– Efrat Rauch's post to 'Jerusalemites' Facebook Page

[Selected Comments:]
– “Mea She'arim was never your own country, but rather Neturei Karta's, [2] or should i say 'Harta’ [meaning, bullshit]. It would be better if they had stayed in Europe and waited there for the Messiah to come!!! […] As if we don’t have enough haters from the outside, we also have them from within!”
– "This happened to me last year. Some little kid broke the flags on my car."
– "I travel through their freely with flags on my car…"
– "I have a confession… As a little kid, I too would rip the flags off cars. I learned in a Satmer Haredi school. Today, I have a big flag of my own."
– “Yes, but do not forget that even in Mea Shearim, not everyone is like that. As someone who has left that community, I can testify that there are all kinds of good Jerusalemites. […] Once I saw a bunch of bored kids remove flags [from a car] and a Breslover Chassid shooed them away and returned the flags to the car.”

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Mea She’arim – A central Haredi neighborhood in Jerusalem.
[2] Neturei Karta – Literally, ‘Guardians of the City’ (in Aramaic), they are a small group within Haredi Judaism that is known for its hard line against Zionism and any possible manifestations of Zionism in the land of Israel. The group believes that until such a time that God redeems the Jewish people, the Jews do not have the right to take steps to surpass God’s Divine plan. Most of the Neturei Karta community – around 400 families – are based in Me’a She’arim neighborhood in Jerusalem.

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