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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Come get to know some of the Jerusalemites who were awarded the President’s Medal of Excellence to exemplary soldiers: [1]

Valeria Ashkenazi is a medical laboratory worker at the Tzrifin Medical Center. Valeria immigrated to Israel alone in 2013 from Argentina at the age of 19. In Argentina, she studied chemistry in high school, which led her to work in medicine. In fact, Valeria fulfilled her personal dream as well as that of her father, who also dreamed of immigrating to Israel and supporting the army.

Sgt. Rada Hemed immigrated to Israel with her nuclear family and is currently the commander of recruits in the Artillery Corps. Sergeant Hemed says she always dreamed of being a combat soldier. Indeed, after much effort, she succeeded in fulfilling her dream and became a fighter in the Artillery Corps. […]

Second Lieutenant Elia Levy serves as a platoon commander in Battalion 12 of the Golani Brigade. From a young age, he has dreamed of reaching a combat position, especially the Golani Brigade. Lt. Levy relates that from his home he drew the inspiration for a significant combat military service. He has two cousins who also serve as officers in the Golani Brigade. […]"

– Kol Hair Jerusalem
0202 Editor’s notes:
[1] During the annual Independence Day event at the President's Residence, President Rivlin recognizes 120 I.D.F. soldiers and officers. Among this year's 120 exemplary soldiers and officers are 75 men and 45 women; 101 are soldiers and 19 are officers; 71 are combat soldiers, 26 are combat support soldiers, and 23 have other roles. Among the exemplary soldiers are 21 lone soldiers and five volunteers. 32 of the soldiers were not born in Israel, rather they made aliyah from Ethiopia, Russia, Ukraine, France, Colombia, Moldova, Brazil, United States of America, Belgium, Argentina, South Africa, England, Mexico and even Lebanon.

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