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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


Digest about Yerushalmim's return to the coalition:

“'Yerushalmim' [1] have returned to the coalition. Fleur Hassan-Nahoum will take Berkovitz’s place as Deputy Mayor [2].”

– Nir Hasson

"In the years that I’ve been a part of the Yerushalmim party [3], we've known how to work from within the coalition, or from the opposition. It’s not easy to identify the right place, especially when trust in the mayor cannot be taken for granted. As the one that led Yerushalmim’s exit from the coalition when Barkat shut down kindergartens for his own political gains, I am proud of Fleur Hassan-Nahum – that now stands at the head of Yerushalmim – for deciding to return to the coalition. I am proud, even though the decision will be heavily criticized by many. One guideline led us to the decision: where can we serve you, the voters, the best? Our principles have not changed; you know us and our achievements. To those that believe we acted wrongly today, I suggest you wait and see. The moment when you can voice your opinion clearly in the ballot box is fast approaching. I suggest you wait a bit. Based on a general understanding with the municipal coalition, I have no doubt that we will make significant improvements, and that many will vote for Yerushalmim."

– אהרון ליבוביץ – Aaron Leibowitz [Yerushalmim party Member of City Council]

"Today [Monday, December 25], The Yerushalmim party proved that they lack a moral backbone and a clear ideology.
Their joining of [Jerusalem Mayor] Barkat’s coalition, strengthens the Division Plan [3], and the process of pushing the general public [non-Haredi Jews] out of Jerusalem.
In order to further narrow political interests, they’re willing to harm the general public, and be a part of a coalition whose priorities are all wrong.
If anyone had any doubts, today has proven that the Yerushalmim party is willing to give up on its principles, and on loyal representation of the general public, for seats. What a pity.
There’s only one movement left, that’ll represent you, and act for you. No flip-flopping, no petty politics.
Hit’orerut [2] in Jerusalem."

– Hit'orerut party page התעוררות בירושלים

"Yerushalmim party’s joining of Nir Barkat’s disastrous coalition, is a complete betrayal of their voters. I can’t imagine what excuses and explanations we’ll hear from council member, Fleur Hassan-Nahum [head of Yerushalmim], after a long period in which we, the opposition, have heard from her how terrible Barkat’s conduct is.
How can a British lady, straight as an arrow, Gibraltarian in her standards of behavior, perform a 180-degree somersault, from standing ideologically and principally against Barkat and his cronies, to becoming a part of his flock?
I’m sure that Hassan-Nahum will come to regret this move.
Fortunately, this move will hurt Yerushalmim politically, and I am sure that ‘United Jerusalem’ at the head of which I stand, will benefit from it. Now that Yerushalmim is part of the administration that’s destroying the city, it’ll become much easier to differentiate between my activities and theirs, as I fight for a greener city, educational institutions, transportation, and keeping Jerusalem united, with a solid Jewish majority."

– אריה קינג – Arieh King [Member of City Council]

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] A local Jerusalemite party whose voters are mostly non-Haredi Jews. In the past, they have harshly criticized Barkat. Hitorerut and Yerushalmim are in heavy competition as their non-Haredi voters largely overlap.
[2] 'Hit'orerut', headed by Ofer Berkowitz, is a local, non-religious political party representing Jerusalem's younger residents and secular Jews. They resigned from the coalition in November over disagreements with the Mayor.
[3] The Division Plan is what the opposition parties have called Mayor Nir Barkat's agreement with the Haredi parties, according to which neighborhoods will be divided between the Haredi and non-Haredi populations for the purposes of allocating public resources and cultural and educational institutions.

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