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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Police prevented the provocation of extremists:

Just minutes before the Memorial Day [1] siren [2] sounded, police raided the ‘Sabbath Square’ [3] in Jerusalem. They dispersed a group of extremists who intended to disrupt the order and hold a protest during the siren.
The police dispersed the demonstrators and confiscated the signs they intended to hold. The police reported that 'in the Sabbath Square in Jerusalem, a police force evacuated extremist Haredim who intended to disrupt public order during the siren, and confiscated signs.'"

-Kikar Hashabat

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Israel’s national Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and victims of terror takes place each year, the day before Israel’s Independence Day. As the Haredi relationship with the state of Israel and the army is complicated and diverse, so is the Haredi approach to this day. The Haredi approach to Memorial Day varies from direct acknowledgment and participation, through silent ignorance, to extreme opposition.
[2] During Memorial Day a two-minute-long siren is sounded throughout the country twice, once at 8 pm and the second at 11 am. While the siren sounds, everything, including traffic, comes to a halt. Everyone stands still in somber remembrance. The majority of Haredim, while personally objecting the custom as it is not considered a ‘Jewish custom’, stand still as well if they are in public. Some minority extreme groups oppose honoring this custom and create noise during the siren.
[3] A central square in the Haredi neighbourhoods of Jerusalem.


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