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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"They won’t show this in the media."

– Jerusalemites FB group

[Selected Comments:]
– "This is very moving, but on the other hand, the teacher says that people fought so that others could study the Torah. This shows great disrespect for the fallen. Saying that they fell to save this land, without saying that this is the State of Israel shows that there’s still an issue with an entire sector that won’t recognize Zionism. Those who fought and were killed were all Zionists. In their death, they commanded us to live."
– "Pay attention to the words that he’s saying […] he is being thankful, not, God forbid, disrespectful…"
– "When they, in their turn, draft at 18, they will show their gratitude to the state and its fallen."
– "It is because of those who learn Torah, and the soldiers who fight, that all is well. One does not have to contradict the other."
– "Only, one sacrifices his life, and stands against the enemy, and the other studies in a room. Let’s not get confused, this state is celebrating 70 years tonight because of its soldiers, its heroes. If not for them, we wouldn’t be here today. This state is not celebrating 70 because of those who learn Torah."
– "You only neglected to mention that the state is a Jewish state, and it is thanks to that that we are here. A Jewish state must have Torah learners alongside soldiers.
-The state could not exist for one day without Torah.
There are many hostile countries who are surrounding the Land of Israel. These countries could wipe out the state in a second, if they wanted to.
An entire army couldn’t stop them if God was not here to help."

0202 Editor's Note:
[1] Many Haredim are ideologically opposed to Zionism and the existence of a Jewish State in the Land of Israel before the Messianic age. As a result of this, many Haredim do not serve in the Israeli army, and some extremists protest the draft. Many Haredim believe that their Torah learning contributes to the physical protection of the State. Consequentially, the Haredi community's perception of Memorial Day is complex as many do not believe in Zionist ideology or serving in the army.

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