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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“From the page of Dr. Ramadan Dabash [1] concerning the new headquarters of the Ministry of Interior…

This concerns the issue of the new branch of the Ministry of Interior opening in the town of Sur Baher [2]. All requirements and plans for the [new] building have been met; today [April 17, 2018] a metal barrier has been put up around the plot of land in Sur Baher where the new branch will be built to house the Ministry of Interior, National Insurance Agency and fire department. This move comes after great demand and pressure were put on the Ministry of Interior for over two years. According to our agreement, the new headquarters in Sur Baher will officially open in a few months.

Your Brother Dr. Ramadan Dabash”

– Beit Hanina FB page

[Selected Comments:]

-“Which areas will it serve?”

– “Most likely it will serve the areas of south Jerusalem: Sur Baher and Jabal Mukaber.”

– “This page should be against this decision because building this headquarters is like building an [Israeli] settlement on occupied land.”

– “Sur Baher and most other towns and areas inside the separation barrier (under Israeli control) are Palestinian towns that are subject to Israeli law and sovereignty. As to the second comment, the discussion on the subject is long and complex and this news is just being reported as is.”
0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] Dr. Ramadan Dabash is the chairman of the community administration in the Palestinian town of Sur Baher.
[2] Sur Baher is a Palestinian neighborhood on the southeastern outskirts of East Jerusalem. It is located east of Ramat Rachel and to its east is the separation barrier. Israel captured Sur Baher from Jordan in 1967 during the Six-Day War, and it has been under Israeli control ever since.

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