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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"I am running for Jerusalem’s city council on behalf of the ‘Yerushalmim’ party [1].
I chose 'Yerushalmim' as my political home because it is the only movement that identifies above all with education, equality, coexistence among the city’s different sectors, and mutual respect between them. […]
I am running for city council in order to prove that Jerusalem is the solution – not the problem. All of Israel’s social struggles – from fair employment to state and religion, a solution to the conflict, and [struggles surrounding] the academia and state institutions – they all start here, in Jerusalem.
I’ve decided to embark on this journey, and run for a local position, because this is precisely the place in which you can be influential, in a direct and efficient manner. As someone who belongs to the Haredi Sector, and who believes in creating a synthesis and not in integration, here is the vision I will be working to advance as city council member:
– A city that serves as an example of coexistence – of Jews and Arabs, and of Secular, Religious, Traditional and Haredi.
– Quality and well-funded education
– Preserving the city’s character, whilst respecting all sectors, groups and factions.
– And most important, in my eyes: Equal opportunities for all sectors in the city.
I was born in Jerusalem, and it is here that I gave birth to my two daughters. I raised them here, in the mixed Nahlaot neighborhood, and they attend ‘Beit Ya’akov’ Haredi education schools. Jerusalem is beloved and familiar; challenging, requires creative solutions, and also allows them. I could not have founded a Beit Midrash for Haredi women, or a Sabbath dinner for Haredi students initiative, in any other city. There is no other city in which I, a Haredi women, would have found support, a social movement and a political house that is a solution of all sectors and factions, like I found in 'Yerushalmim'.
[…] I believe that the city’s funds belong to all of its residents equally, and that the struggles regarding the city’s character between the city’s different sectors can be conducted respectfully and considerately, and that all of the city’s children – of all sectors and neighborhoods – deserve high-quality education.
I ask for your support, women and men, in realizing this vision. […]"

– Pnina Pfeffuer

[Selected Comments:]
– "I’ll be voting for you!"
– "May the good God bring about the best for you and the city’s residents."
– "Pnina, may you succeed and be a savior for Israel, many Haredi women stand behind you. Good luck, and may you have the help of God."

0202 Editor's Notes:
Currently, Haredi parties do not allow women to run for any political position.
[1] Yerushalmim (lit. Jerusalemites) is a party in Jerusalem municipal politics consisting of both secular and religious Jews that aims to turn Jerusalem into a more pluralistic and open city.

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