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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Maybe this post might seem racist to some, but that is not the intention. I was a third year student in the engineering department and during the first two years of my studies, on the Holocaust Remembrance Day, Arab students who were with me in the classroom decided not to stand, but rather sit playing with their cell phones. It made me angrier and angrier.

How can a citizen of the state who receives equal rights from the state like any other citizen who lives and studies under an institution in the State of Israel be unwilling to identify with and pay a little respect to a nation that has undergone mass genocide, massacres, inhuman abuse, children who saw their parents murdered before their eyes and other things that words cannot describe?

I understand that some of them do not identify with the Jewish people and culture and therefore do not see any reason to identify with a Jewish symbol. But I think that the very fact that they are human beings, and people who would not wish upon themselves to go through what our ancestors went through, should show a little respect for those who suffered, no matter what religion, race or gender they are. Just as they would like to be accepted without regard to their race and religion, they should try to understand people who are not of their religion. It's not a matter of politics (right or left) – it's not Independence Day. It's a day that should be sad for anyone!

In my opinion, your failure to stand up during the siren sends one clear message – you do not care at all about what happened, and it would not even bother you if it happened again. If I were living in a foreign country that had committed an inhumane act, I would respect that day, even if I do not respect the people – we are all human beings."

– Huji Confessions

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