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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"A neighbor of mine, a Muslim, a dear Israel lover, has passed away.
Last night I went with my son, Benayahu Yehezkel, to comfort the family and friends.
Younis Awaida, may his memory be for a blessing, resident of the Wadi Kadum aided the State of Israel for fifty years.
Younis was born in Hebron and moved to Jerusalem during the Jordanian occupation of East Jerusalem.
During 50 years under Israeli rule, Yuonis helped the State of Israel, in Lebanon as well as other Arab countries.
During his last years of service, Younis was allowed to pass through the Western Wall daily and hourly, dozens of meters below the Western Wall plaza where there's a sewage tunnel that drains the running water of the Old City. Younis would enter the tunnel daily (barely higher than the height of an average person) and ensure maintenance.
Unfortunately, despite Jonas' devotion to and love for Israel and the Jewish people (Younis would carry weapons from security forces due to his sensitive role and assigned tasks) during the three days where mourners could visit, not one representative of the security forces and state authorities visited Younis' home.

This is a black stain on the various security forces.
This is a stain on our country.

As a neighbor and close friend of Younis and his family, I arrived last night and consoled his descendants (90 great-grandchildren and grandchildren), who were educated with a love for the Jewish people.
Younis was 77 years old when he died.
Younis had a stroke three years ago and a heart attack the night before (Sunday evening) and youths from East Jerusalem attacked his grandchildren because of their affiliation to Younis, who is known to have helped Jews / Israelis …
His sons told me that he saw the attack on his grandchildren through the security cameras surrounding his house and the fact that he could not protect his grandchildren, right at the door of his home, was what caused him a heart attack and death.

My dear Younis,
We will preserve your memory (me and my children) forever.
Dear Awida family,
We will be on your side forever.

The King family

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