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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"The Grand Mufti Forbids Giving Jerusalemite and Palestinian Lands to the Enemies

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine, and the head of the Supreme Council of Fatwas [1], Sheikh Muhammad Hussein forbade handing over Jerusalemite and Palestinian lands to the enemies.

He said, 'Palestine, including Jerusalem, is the holy land of Kharaj [2], and it is forbidden by law to give it up or to hand it over to the enemies. Jerusalem is one of the public Islamic assets and the delivery of Dar al-Islam, [3] or part of it, to enemies is void and is considered a betrayal.'

In a statement Hussein made on Thursday, he said that 'anyone who sells his land to his enemies or receives any compensation for it is a sinner because he is considered to be helping to expel the Muslims from their lands, and Allah compared those who expel Muslims from their lands and their helpers to those who fight the religion of Muslims.'

He also stressed that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine and that the American decision to transfer the embassy to Jerusalem and its recognition as the capital of the occupation is null and void and has no validity because it comes from a person who does not have the right to it.

Hussein stressed that 'Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are Islamic holy sites until the end of days. They can not be sold, nor handed over. They can not be inherited, nor given up. Giving up Jerusalem, part of it, or part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque to the enemies is like giving up Mecca and the Al-Haram Mosque or Al-Madina and the Prophet's Mosque [4].'

Hussein stressed that Israel violated Palestine and expelled inhabitants from their homes, rendering them homeless, stole their money and committed the most terrible crimes in places of worship, all in cooperation with colonial countries, which assisted and still aid it in this criminal aggression, supporting it politically and economically to establish an occupation in this homeland."

– Al-Hayat

0202 Editors' Note:
[1] Fatwa is an Islamic religious decree.
[2] Kharaj is an Islamic term referring to land that is taxed on its non-Muslim subjects.
[3] Dar al-Islam is an Islamic term that describes countries in which Muslims can practice their religion freely, under Islamic sovereignty, with a Muslim majority, etc.
[4] Al-Haram Mosque, located in Mecca, is the most important mosque in Islam. It surrounds the Kaaba. Al Madina is the second most important city in Islam and is home to the Prophet's Mosque, the second most important mosque in Islam after the Al-Haram Mosque.

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