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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"A security guard in a Haredi Girls High School put up this sign:

'After consulting with a lawyer, I announce that:
1. I will no longer check passes to leave the premises. It isn’t my job as a security guard! […]
2. I am not legally allowed to prevent students from entering school!
If the principal wants to stand by the gate and stop the students, let her do so on her own account. […]
3. It is prohibited to disable the electric gate push button installed near the gate, because that is imprisonment!
The high school isn’t a prison and the students aren’t prisoners!
4. I, as a security guard, cannot prevent all fathers from entering the premises! I was asked by the staff not to allow fathers to enter the school. Once a student’s father came to me asking for the principal’s number and I sent him to the secretary. I was told this was security oversight. This isn’t a security oversight! A father is not a hostile! A father is allowed to talk to the principal! That’s what the principal gets paid for! […]

I am paid close to nothing and I’m being forced to do things that have nothing to do with my job! Enough is enough! Stop exploiting workers!
I’m a security guard. My job is security! Not education, not leave passes, and not dealing with parents!”

– Posted via Yossi Levi on Facebook

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