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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Rabbi Ad’es to school principals: 'Disconnect from the Ministry of Education'

After a series of harsh statements against the intervention of the Ministry of Education in the curriculum, Rabbi Yehuda Ad’es, Head of the Kol Yaakov Yeshiva and one of the leading Sephardic yeshiva leaders [1], instructed the Talmud Torah [2] and preschools under his administration to disconnect from the state budget [3].

In the past, B'hadrei Haredim reported several incidents in which Rabbi Ad’es harshly said that budgets should be waived in order to prevent the Ministry of Education from interfering with the curriculum. Now Kol Yaakov Yeshiva is joining other Haredi communities and other institutions that are not taking money from the state."

– Kikar Hashabbat

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Rabbi Ad’es (b.1937) is a prominent Rabbi of the Haredi community.
[2] Talmud Torah (lit. learning of the Torah) is the general term used for Haredi elementary schools.
[3] In general, Haredi educational institutes are budgeted by the state via the Education Ministry. There is an ongoing debate regarding the appropriate level of involvement in the curriculum the ministry should have. Some Haredi communities opt to disconnect entirely from the government so as to freely design their curriculumns, at the price of not getting financial support from the state.

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