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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"I've never in my life been inside of an Israeli establishment where all the workers are only Arabic. Two days ago, I went to do a driving test at the mall in Talpiot and I entered to see a clerk yelling in Arabic and all the Arabs went to their counters without numbers. I sat there for around 20 minutes until I got annoyed and went to one of the clerks that saw I had a number in my hand (the numbers in line were 68, 69). My number was 707 and I understood that the line would take a lot of time. So I went to the supervisor named Hadassah – I was a little surprised that she spoke Arabic – and I asked her what's going on. She told me to wait patiently for my number patiently and after a moment, 707 was called.

I asked her how am I, an Israeli, supposed to understand shouts in Arabic and why everyone was helped when I had made an appointment on the internet. She told me that everyone who takes the test here are Arab, so they speak in Arabic. I'm asking a real question. I'm an Israeli who has grown up here since the age of four and I need to sit in an Israeli establishment and not understand anything and, what's more, that I ask the most legitimate question there is and they answer me that that's just how it is here.

Why don't they learn Hebrew and come to our mall and teach our language? Why do I need to sit here, not understand, or feel uncomfortable in my country?"

– Jerusalemites group on Facebook

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