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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"The Race for Chametz [1] at Angel Bakery"

– Jerusalemites Facebook group

[Selected comments:]

– "Each bun for 4.5 Shekels – theft."
– "The price of the buns is simply the bakery taking advantage of the situation, the nerve! They’re definitely not angels at Angel Bakery."
– "Three buns and a couple of pastries cost me 45 Shekel. I was really surprised and asked the store clerk about the steep price."
– "Whoever has to send their children to school needs to buy bread for sandwiches. Other people can wait another day, no one will die from waiting an extra day. The rush to get chametz drives the prices up for no reason. If I abstain from chametz for another day or two will something happen to me? We go looking for higher prices, and then whine."
– "Crazy! As if it's the first time they've seen food. It was only Passover, and they ate Matzah [2] – What’s the big deal?!"
– "What’s the rush? We’ll eat bread tomorrow."
– "The Haredis drive us insane with their kosher keeping, and then they’re the first to buy chametz; why the hurry?"

0202 Editor's Notes
[1] During the festival of Passover (which ended on Saturday night) it is forbidden for Jews to possess any chametz – leavened dough, according to Jewish Law. Therefore, kosher bakeries only bake fresh bread and pastries at the end of the Passover festival. As a result of this, every year there is a huge rush to buy bread and it is difficult for the bakeries to meet the increased demand.
[2] Matzah is an unleavened flatbread that is traditionally eaten by Jews during the Passover festival.

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