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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"With God’s help

The screwed up HARDAK [1] of the neighborhood:

He wakes up every morning, peels potatoes and cleans the floor. The best case scenario is that he runs out of energy.

He is subservient to a young and cruel female officer.

He is both humiliated and insulted, and takes anti-depression drugs.

And all this for nothing; nobody needs him (the army suffers from an excess of manpower).

He was screwed up by the age of zero, and screwed up he remains."

0202 Editors Notes:
The picture was captured by 0202 staff in the Haredi neighborhood of Mekor Baruch.
The description is supposedly of the day to day life of a Haredi soldier in the IDF.
[1] HARDAK is a derogatory name for Hareidim who are seen by other Haredim as being unfaithful to ultra-orthodox practices, mainly those who serve in the army. The word HARDAK is a combination of the Hebrew words Haredi and Haydak (microbe), as well as an acronym of “Haredi Kal Daat”, or “a frivolous Haredi.”