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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"What do you think about a kosher certificate like this one? Is it good that businesses are fighting the Rabbinate’s monopoly? Should the Rabbinate have a monopoly?"

[Translation of the certificate in the photo:]
“Definitely not a Kosher Certificate

According to an idiotic law, we’re not allowed to tell you that the food here is kosher, so we’re not. According to that same stupid law, we’re not even allowed to declare that the food here is permissible according to kosher rules, even though that’s the truth. The Chief Rabbinate prohibits us from telling you the truth: that the food here is a hundred percent kosher. So we’re not telling you. But if the Rabbinate did allow us to tell the truth, we would tell you that not only is everything here kosher, but it’s clean from any suspicion of bribery paid to the Rabbinate.”

– Jerusalemites FB group

[Selected Comments:]
– "The Rabbinate shouldn’t have a monopoly, and the way in which these things [kosher certification] are conducted is disgraceful. But it is also hard to trust declarations like this one. You don’t have a way of knowing who’s in the kitchen, and how much he knows about kosher rules. I’m for it, but I would be happy if it were done in a more supervised way, so that this person's word could be trusted."
– "Great Idea! As a person who keeps kosher, I don’t need the stamp. It’s enough for me to ask and be told that the place is kosher."
– "If only you knew how many issues there are with [keeping] kosher, you wouldn’t dare eat in a place that doesn’t have a [Rabbinate] certificate. Believe me."
– "If only kosher certificates really were a guarantee that the food and place are kosher… we get tricked left and right."
– "Are you aware that it’s all bullshit? If a kosher inspector put a kosher stamp on a delivery of shrimps, and that story from two weeks ago about the non-kosher meat, you don’t really have anyone to rely on. Trying to explain is a waste of time… People blindly follow a piece of cardboard and a ridiculous stamp (that anyone who pays enough can get)… Let them. One day, this bubble will burst in their face."
-"A blessed thing! Hopefully everyone will start using this certificate."
– "Totally for it."

0202 Editor's Notes:
When a restaurant chooses to observe the rules that make an establishment kosher (Jewish religious dietary laws), it can pay to have an inspector of the Rabbinate frequent the premises to make sure that the food is indeed upheld to certain Jewish legal standards. The restaurant then receives a certificate showing that it is under rabbinical supervision. In Israel, a business may only advertise that it's products are kosher if it received certification from a local branch of the state rabbinate.

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